Toxic and Competitor Backlinks Tracking

Not all backlinks are friendly, and hidden backlinks can turn deadly if they are not detected. LinkChecker Pro helps keep track of all your backlinks.

There is a lot of competition in the SEO game, and shady competitors often resort to using hidden backlinks to outrank each other. Hidden backlinks often come from malicious sources and can be extremely difficult to detect; if they are well-hidden, they often go unnoticed. Unfortunately, whether you refer to competitors accidentally or hidden links come from them, all of that can seriously affect your website's SEO, visibility, and traffic.

Task to Solve: Prevent your own site from appearing lower in search engine results or being harmed in any other way possible as a consequence of hidden competitors' links. Avoid any future hidden referring to competitors from your website.

Solution: Use the link-building management service LinkChecker Pro and its backlink analysis tool to track all hidden links. Identify all the URLs to your content and find hidden ones as well. Utilize the dashboard to show everything, including a list of all URLs included on the page, regardless of visibility, and analyze one or several projects together. Accomplish the process of examining and assessing the quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to a website. Analyze links based on their anchor text, domain authority, rank, and trustworthiness.

Result: All hidden backlinks have been identified. Your website can be protected from their toxic influence now.

With LinkChecker Pro, you can add a backlink analysis feature to your website. The Pro Plan starts at $100 per month, is discounted to $1,000 annually, or is billed at $1,200 if paid monthly. Sign up today to manage, analyze, and get the most out of your backlinks!

Quick Look at the Facts

  • As LinkChecker Pro is a multifunctional tool developed by experienced in-house professionals in the linkbuilding area, there's no doubt that it can cover almost every issue with your backlinks.

  • Another perk of using LinkChecker is that you can monitor your team workflow while managing your backlinks. That way, you will be completely confident that your strategy is being implemented correctly and that investments will pay off soon.

  • Services of PRO Plan ensure that every hidden backlink will be identified in a few minutes, whether you have placed them occasionally or your competition creates them. That means constant full security for your website from toxic links influence is provided.

Conclusion: What Are Hidden Backlinks & What's Their Effect?

The hidden backlink is a type of link-building strategy that can be considered toxic for any website. They are URLs that are not visible to the human eye but appear when the source code is inspected. It is considered a "black hat" SEO strategy and is frowned upon by most search engines. Low-quality sites can use it to artificially increase their page rank, trick search engines, spam other sites covertly, or even mislead users into downloading malware.

Backlinks can be concealed in low-quality content and poorly optimized anchor text. It can also be the links from spammy or irrelevant sources, backlinks with too many outbound links, or paid ones. Although there are many ways to place hidden links, a single but powerful tool can be used to solve such a major issue and avoid its recurrence.

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