Refunds and Link Restoration Through PayPal Disputes and Claims

PayPal disputes and claims are frequently used for backlinks restoration and getting refunds. Sometimes things go wrong with them, and LinkChecker helps tackle the issues.

With approximately 209 million users, PayPal is one of the most popular online platforms for payment processing and financial services. Disputes and Claims tools are valuable for protecting your interests regarding losing valuable backlinks and getting refunds for their restoration.

Task to Solve: Protect the business from costly potential losses due to untracked, low-quality backlinks in case something goes wrong with a transaction involving PayPal.

Solution: Opt for LinkChecker Pro Plan to be informed of the problem as soon as possible, to check for the presence of a link, page response code, link attributes, and indexing permission regularly. Use a dashboard that provides detailed reports and an easy-to-use interface for judging the quality and number of the links.

Result: The deadline for filling a PayPal dispute is not missed, your rights are well protected, money is refunded in time, and all the necessary links are restored successfully.

Quick Look at the Facts and Statistics Figures

  • LinkChecker Pro has helped users recover refunds and restore links worth $14,259,50
  • the abovementioned statistic covers the 2019-2022 years and means 80% of refunds were successful
  • the sum on refunds and links restoration using LinkChecker Pro services without dealing with PayPal dispute and claims tools are almost equal to the above-mentioned
  • opting for Pro Plan services in advance guarantees apparent payback on investments
  • the solution is particularly relevant for those niches like casinos or sports betting (in that case, webmasters tend to delete your links as quickly as possible).

LinkChecker's Pro Plan starts at $100 per month, is discounted to $1,000 if paid annually, and is billed at $1,200 in total if paid monthly. Sign up for a free trial to check out the service prospects and advantages, and protect your business today!

Conclusion: How to Handle PayPal Disputes and Claims?

In order for potential customers to find your business, backlinks are crucial. In this situation, losing valuable backlinks can be particularly frustrating. This is why the first course of action is contacting the site owner as soon as you notice they have been taken down or pointed elsewhere.

When disagreements arise, you need to be armed and ready. You have to open a dispute within 180 days of the payment date, and if it is not escalated to a claim, you have only 20 days until it will be automatically closed. If you want to file a dispute with PayPal, tracking and providing the right information is also an essential aspect to which you should pay attention. By using the right backlink management tool, you can do just that.

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