Bad Link-Building Practices Avoidance

Link builders resort to using low-quality methods in their work sometimes. LinkChecker Pro helps track, manage, and eliminate such bad practices.

Link builders have to build relationships with other websites in order to get access to their content and make strong and valuable backlinks that will benefit both sites. Article submission, blog commenting, directory submission, forum posting, social bookmarking, and press releases are just a few of the effective methods used to increase the number of inbound links to a website and, in turn, its visibility in search engine results (SERPs). But careless link builders sometimes resort to using spammy or low-quality methods that hurt your site's rankings.

Task to Solve: Prevent the business from receiving a strategy that will not be implemented effectively due to irresponsible link builders implementing bad working methods. Save company salary budget on making arrangements for building links.

Solution: Start using the link-building management tool LinkChecker Pro for managing the team and monitoring its performance. Tracking statistics of all the team members' monthly workflow performance. Making arrangements for building links taking into account whether the same donor pages or the same domains are reused, how many dropped links and closed pages have been indexed, their placement dynamics, and more.

Result: You cut back on bad practices among link-builders and incentivize the most productive members. The whole workflow of the linkbuilding department is now much easier and more efficient. Only effective strategies are implemented by the team thanks to constant backlink monitoring, and as a result, the budget investments pay off.

Quick Look at the Facts

  • LinkChecker Pro is a multi-tool developed by our in-house specialists.

  • LinkChecker lets you manage link builders, keep an eye on backlinks, and simultaneously use many other optimization tools.

  • preferring Pro Plan tool services in advance guarantees that only comprehensive and strong link-building strategies will be developed, and thus investments will definitely pay back.

LinkChecker's Pro Plan starts at $100 per month and is discounted to $1,000 if paid annually. You can streamline the process of monitoring backlinks straight away by signing up for a free trial today!

Conclusion: How Can Bad Link Building Affect Your Website?

Bad link-building practices are about creating low-quality links to a website that will not drive user traffic or benefit the website's rankings. It is also possible, for instance, for an irresponsible link builder to rip off their team leader by managing to get away without building new links while still managing to present reports by switching the anchors on the submissions they posted earlier and presenting them as new ones.

The above-mentioned cases are quite common and can result in penalties from search engines or being blacklisted. Yet they can be easily resolved and avoided in the future. All that is needed is to implement the right link builders' management tools.

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