Link Building Tips: Boost Your Website's Ranking in 2024

Link Building Tips: Boost Your Website's Ranking in 2024

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Building backlinks can be a daunting challenge for both beginners and seasoned link builders. It requires hard work, persistence, and negotiation skills. And it's easy to make mistakes along the way.

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That's why we've compiled this list of 23 link building tips that will help you create high-quality links that boost your rankings and traffic. Plus, we'll show you how to use Linkchecker to monitor your link building efforts and make sure they don't go to waste. Let’s get started with this link building tutorial. 

Best SEO Link Building Tips in 2024

1. Manage your backlinks

A successful link building strategy starts with managing your current backlinks. It can help you keep track of all links pointing to your own site in one dashboard, save time doing routine tasks, and manage your team in the process.

To manage your backlinks, you can use a backlink management tool like Link Checker Pro to check the quality of your links through up-to-date statistics on their dynamics, types, anchors, tiers, and many more.

manage your backlinks

With Link Checker Pro, your backlinks are automatically checked daily, so you can be notified immediately when something goes wrong. Not only will it help you recover valuable backlinks, but it'll also maintain your SEO rankings.

2. Reach out for links

Whether you are just starting out or have been in the game for a while, one of the best link building SEO tips to get more backlinks is to reach out to other websites.

The key is finding closely related websites that are relevant to your niche or industry and have a high domain authority (DA) or high domain rating (DR). You can find the DA and DR of any website using MOZ and Ahrefs.

When reaching out, be sure to personalize your message and offer something of value in exchange for a link, such as a guest posts, infographics, or videos. 

Links from this method can be a source of referral traffic. But your link needs to be helpful to the user’s needs.  

3. Create linkable content

Creating linkable content is crucial for effective link building. Develop in-depth guides, original research, and infographics that provide valuable insights. Conduct expert roundups and share compelling case studies to demonstrate your expertise.

Interactive tools and calculators can offer practical value and attract links. Thought leadership content challenges existing notions and gains attention. Curate link roundups and resource lists to showcase valuable industry resources. 

Guest posting on reputable websites allows you to contribute valuable content and earn backlinks. Interactive quizzes and surveys are engaging and shareable, increasing the potential for backlinks. Remember to actively promote your content by reaching out to relevant websites and influencers.

4. Create infographics

create infographics

People love visual content, and infographics are one of the most shareable types of visual content out there. Infographics generate 3 times more shares than other content types on social media. Publishers are also more likely to link to an infographic that is well-designed and informative enough to stand out from the rest. In fact, articles containing infographics received 178% more links compared to articles without them. 

Sometimes, your infographic or image will be shared or used without linking back to your website. All it takes is a simple Google reverse image search and a quick email to the website owner or editor to get your infographic featured on their site.

To make your infographic more linkable, be sure to include a custom URL and embed code on the page where you host it. Note that infographics can also drive traffic as they get featured on Google Images. 

5. Build relationships with bloggers

Most bloggers' top priority is creating content that their readers will enjoy. But they also want to be able to share that content with as many people as possible.

One of the best organic link building tips is to build relationships with bloggers in your niche. You can start by leaving comments on their blog posts and sharing their content on social media.

Not only will they be more likely to link to your website if they know you, but you can also collaborate on projects, such as guest blogging or co-hosting webinars.

6. Share your content on social media

social media icons

Social media sites label links as “NoFollow” which means that they don't directly affect your website's ranking as dofollow links. 

But using social media is a great way to increase the reach of your content and get more external links. When you post something on social media, include links to your website or blog.

7. Do link insertions

Link building can also be done by searching for opportunities to insert your links into existing content that's relevant to your brand. It's one of the best link building strategies to get links without having to create any new content or spend money creating a guest post.

link insertion tip

One way to do this is by finding broken backlinks on other websites and replacing them with your own. You can also search for unlinked mentions of your brand or website and reach out to the website owner to ask them to add a link.

8. Add your website to resource pages

While link building can be time-consuming, there are some shortcuts you can take. One shortcut is to find existing resource pages and see if you can get your website or content listed on them.

A “resource page” is a page on a website that links to other relevant websites or resources on a specific topic. As a way to provide their readers with useful information, bloggers, industry professionals, or businesses frequently create them.

To perform resource page link building, start by finding resource pages for your target keyword. Simply conduct a Google search for “keyword + useful resources” or “keyword + useful links.”

9. Replace broken links

broken backlinks ahrefs

With so many websites out there, it's inevitable that some links will eventually become broken. Now, the broken link building strategy entails finding broken links on another website and contacting the owner to let them know. According to a study by Ahrefs on link rot,  at least 66.5% of links to over 2 million sampled domains since 2013 were rotted. Dropped domains were to blame for about 47.7% of lost links, and link removals were to blame for 34.2%.

That’s not all. You can offer your own content as a replacement. The good thing about broken link building is that you can actually find opportunities on high-quality domains like .edu or .gov sites. 

In most cases, they will be happy to replace the broken link with a working one on your website. Not only is the broken link building strategy an easy way to get a backlink, but it also helps you build relationships with other website owners.

10. List your site in online directories

Most online directories are low quality and not worth your time, but there are still some that can be beneficial for building links. The key is finding directories specific to your niche or industry and having a high DA or DR.

Some examples of reputable online directories include Yahoo! Directory,, and Yelp. To get listed in these directories, simply create a profile and list your website URL with a description of your site and a relevant category for your business.

One of the most effective SEO link building strategies is getting your website listed in these directories, which can help increase your link popularity and improve your SERP ranking. It may also help drive traffic to your site as people browse through the directory listings.

Example of a decent directory webpage:

online directory with a backlink

  1. Breadcrumbs
  2. Logo
  3. Contact Info
  4. Address
  5. A do-follow backlink
  6. Tel. number
  7. Google Maps

Here we can see that the online catalog page is well-built, contains everything you need, and provides essential information for customers. Also, remember that the page must be indexable and free of spammy links to it.

11. Create your own resource pages

With this link building advice, you need to create your own resource or list page. But don't worry; this is easier than it sounds.

A resource page is simply a page on your website that links to other websites or resources on a specific topic. To create one, all you need to do is compile a list of websites or resources that would be useful for your readers.

For example, if you are a web design company, you could create a resource page that lists the best web design resources with a short description for each. This way, when other web designers are looking for information, they are more likely to find your page and link to it.

12.  Monitor your competitor's backlinks

In the world of SEO link building, keeping a keen eye on your competitors can be an invaluable strategy. One effective approach is to watch out for your competitor's backlinks and gain insights from their link building efforts. By analyzing their backlink profiles, you can uncover hidden opportunities, identify authoritative sources, and even replicate their successful strategies. 

competitors backlinks

 Monitoring your competitor's backlinks can provide inspiration, highlight untapped resources, and guide your own link building endeavors, ultimately enhancing your website's visibility and authority in the digital landscape.

13. Optimize the management of your SEO team

Having an SEO team can be a great asset for any business looking to improve its online visibility, organic traffic, and link building efforts, but it's just as important to manage that team effectively.

With a backlink management tool like Link Checker Pro, you can create subaccounts for your team members, so they can access specific projects assigned to them. In each subaccount, you will see the link building statistics per user, so you can compare results, give them feedback, and make decisions about your link building strategy and efforts.

14. Do a monthly review of your link profile

When you're starting out, it's essential to get into the habit of analyzing your link profile on a monthly basis. Low-quality backlinks are very common, and you don't want them to drag down the quality of your link profile and hurt your efforts.

Link Checker Pro allows you to automate this process by performing a backlink profile analysis for your website in a few minutes to save money and time.

15. Turn mentions into backlinks

Most of the time, your website, or brand will get mentioned online without you even knowing it. They may have used your product or service or mentioned it in a blog post, review, or social media update, but they didn't include a link back to your website.

When this happens, you can turn these mentions into a few links by reaching out to the site owner and asking them to add a link to your website. This effective link building strategy in 2024 is an easy way to get high-quality backlinks without having to put in too much work.

16. Provide testimonials

How can a testimonial earn you a backlink? Well, it’s quite easy. If you use a service like a web hosting solution or CRM, you can leave a review for the service either on their website or in other easy-to-find places, such as review sites. 

And if you love using a tool so much, you can even write an entire blog post describing how you use a certain service and sharing insider tips to boost efficiency. 

The service may discover and highlight your review on their homepage and provide a link back to your website. 

yoast testimonials example

An example of providing links to their reviewers' 

But don’t assume that the company will discover your review naturally. You can boost your chances of getting a backlink by reaching out to the team and informing them that you reviewed their site. As a pitch, say that by showcasing your review, it will demonstrate to potential customers how their products help solve real problems. 

You may not get a link in all cases when your review is featured. But even then, your company name may be featured, increasing brand mentions. 


simple review example

An example of a review that can enhance your brand mentions

17. Host a giveaway or contest

Running a share and like contest or giveaway is a great way to encourage people to repost your content and links. Effectively, this increases your awareness and generates a positive buzz that can translate into new customers. 

The premise of the contest will be to get website owners with existing websites to share your page in order to attract links. But you need to be careful about monitoring the authority and spam score of the referring sites and disavowing any harmful links. It’s important to monitor how fast you’re accumulating new backlinks. 

Additionally, with this technique, you must pay attention to the anchor text strategy, ensuring that it’s not too aggressive by only using exact match anchor text. You also need to monitor the link quality to ensure that you’re getting links from relevant sites. 

18. Participate in online communities

One of the best ways to get backlinks for your site is to join online communities where you can interact with people who share your interests. Whether it's a forum, a discussion board, or a social media group, you can find valuable opportunities to share your knowledge and offer help. 

But be careful not to spam these communities with your links. Instead, focus on creating useful content and engaging with others in your niche. 

Don't drop your links every time you comment or post. Only do it when it's relevant and helpful. Remember, the goal is to increase your awareness and reputation, which will naturally lead to more link opportunities when others mention you or recommend you. 

19. Attend events and conferences

Be on the lookout for relevant events and conferences in your industry. Attending the events gives you an avenue to network and build relationships with other like-minded individuals and businesses. It's these professionals that may later talk about what you do and leave backlinks to your website, service, or cause. 

Another benefit of attending events and conferences is the opportunity to speak or present your work to a wider target audience. It can showcase your expertise and credibility, and attract more trust to your brand. 

The event organizers and other press websites may pick up on this, writing about your company and leaving high-quality backlinks to your website. 

20. Utilize internal linking

One of the biggest challenges of blogging is that you often end up with a few pages that attract most of the backlinks, and many pages that get very few backlinks. It creates an imbalance in the distribution of link juice, which is the authority that each page has in the eyes of search engines. Additionally, according to research by Semrush, 42.52% of websites have broken internal links, meaning that they are failing to perform internal linking the right way.

If you want to boost the ranking of your low-authority pages, you can link to them from your high-authority pages and pass link juice to them. However, you should not link randomly but follow two important criteria:

#1: Internal links should be relevant: Link to pages that are related to the topic of the current page and that provide more value to the reader. For example, if you have a page on how to groom your dog at home, you can link to a page on the best shampoos for dogs.

#2: An internal link should be helpful: Link to pages that help the reader find more information or complete a task on your website. For example, if you have a page on your pricing plans, you can link to a page on your refund policy.

21. Start a podcast

Podcasting is one of the least under-utilized methods among the top link building strategies. Not only can it help you build links, but it can also enhance your search engine optimization efforts. 

Plus, it’s not hard to do, and you can get started with just a few episodes. Here's how:

  • Record your podcasts using a good microphone and editing software. You can choose any topic that relates to your niche and provides value to your audience.

  • Upload your podcasts to various platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, etc. Each platform will give you a link to your podcast page, which you can use as a backlink to your site.

  • Create a dedicated page on your site for your podcast. You can use this page to showcase your episodes, provide show notes, and invite feedback. It will help preserve the link juice from the platforms and drive more traffic to your site.

22. Avoid spammy link-building techniques

Spammy link building methods are techniques that violate Google's webmaster guidelines and can harm your site's rankings and reputation. 

They saturate your backlink profile, gradually increasing its toxicity and risking a penalty or manual action from Google that can be hard to recover from. 

Now, some of the most common spammy link building practices are:

  • Spamming blog comments: Leaving irrelevant or generic comments on blogs with a link to your site. It’s one of the most common link building strategies that’s often abused. And it’s considered spam because the comments don’t add any value to the blog post or the discussion and only serve to manipulate PageRank.

  • Press releases with optimized anchor texts: Writing and distributing press releases with optimized anchor texts and links to your site. It creates unnatural links that do not reflect the true popularity or relevance of your site.

  • Reciprocal linking: Exchanging links with other sites for the sole purpose of boosting rankings. Google can regard it as a link scheme because you’re trying to trick search engines into thinking that your site is more authoritative than it really is.

  • Too many directory links: Submitting your site to low-quality or irrelevant directories that offer little or no value to users. The technique is spammy, as it entails building links from sites that have no editorial discretion or quality standards.

  • Guest posting on irrelevant websites: Trying to gather guest post links on sites with low-quality or irrelevant content and links to your site. Google deems links from sites that are not related to your niche or topic as not useful and relevant to your users' needs.

  • Buying links: Paying to get links from other referring domains, especially those that sell links in bulk or have a high spam score. 

  • Article spinning: Creating multiple versions of the same article with slight variations and distributing them to different sites with links to your site. It’s spam because it results in duplicate content that doesn’t provide any originality or value to the users, as the end goal is to only generate more links.

  • Link wheel creation: The technique involves launching different websites, where you link each new site to each other and to your website. It forms a link wheel designed solely to pass PageRank. It’s a complex link scheme that attempts to manipulate Google's algorithm and artificially inflate your website’s authority.

Google and other search engines are conversant with these SEO link building techniques and regard them as spammy practices because they go against the whole point of creating links. And that’s to serve the audience by providing relevant services, information, and products.

23. Consider hiring a professional

Implementing quality link building tips is a challenging and time-intensive process that requires a lot of expertise and resources. For instance, with broken link building, you have to spend a lot of time finding links, preparing outreach emails, and creating content that will fit the placement. Guest posting requires the help of a highly coordinated editorial team, and a lot of pitching and negotiations. 

If you want to save time and get better results, you may want to consider hiring a professional Link Building Agency or link-building service to assist you. However, be careful to choose a trustworthy and ethical provider that implements the best ethical link building strategies. 

Apply These Link Building Tips with Link Checker Pro

As more and more businesses move their operations online, the importance of effective link building strategies will only continue to grow in 2024. Whether you're a marketer, a business owner, or an SEO specialist, these top link building tactics should be a part of your digital marketing strategy.

Link Checker Pro is a link analysis tool for backlinks management. With an easy-to-use interface and detailed reporting features, you can easily identify and recover lost or low-quality links in real-time, analyze the quantity and quality of your links, and monitor all your links in one dashboard to keep track of your link building resources. 

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